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From early on, children are eager to understand this world and their place in it. Before Birth, Beyond Life are the words of a reassuring mother. In simple rhyming verses she teaches her child about what happened before we were born and what happens after our time in dunya is over. 

Through this book, young readers learn about Allah’s special plan for humanity and how much love, thought and detail went into their creation. It tackles heavy concepts and explains them in a child-appropriate manner. This heart-rendering book pulls at strings of our emotions – the unbreakable bond between mother and child, as well as Allah’s immeasurable love for the child. 

Book Details 

Title: Before Birth, Beyond Life                            
Author: Zenubia Arsalan                                                              
Publisher: Little Mutaqeen                                    
Picture Book 24 pages                                         
Genre: Muslim Family Non-Fiction, Children’s Islamic Fiction                                                   
Recommended Age: 6-9 years

The idea for Before Birth, Beyond Life (retitled Before Allah Made You) started with two simple questions my children kept asking me – where did we come from? And what happens when we pass away? It is usually at bedtime when we want the children to settle down and sleep that they come up with the most profound questions. The book is written from the point of view of the mother assuring her child that she belongs and how much love, thought and detail went into her creation. Often times parents do not express their love for their children and assume that children already know that they are loved. But research tells us that the children need to hear expressions of love frequently. The book gives mothers the vocabulary to express their love and conveys the attachment they felt even before the child was born. The book is written in simple rhyming verses and my hope is that many years from now, when these children are all grown, these words will continue to give a sense of love, belonging and solace in times of distress.

Before Allah Made You is very feminine in terms of illustrations with watercolor-style illustrations featuring and mother and daughter with the backdrop of floral landscapes inspired by Dubai Miracle Garden. However, I feel the message is quite universal; for old, young, males and females alike.

Many of you who have reached out to me to tell me how this book has touched you. Do you have a story to share? Send me a message on social media or the contact page. I’ll be honored to hear from you.

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