Profession of a father’s love. A celebration of possibilities. Between Hope and Fear are the words of the father to child. A gentle reminder of what truly matters in life.

A perfect bedtime read with fathers, Between Fear and Hope reminds us to reassess our priorities and forces us to think about what’s truly important: good values or career goals.

Title: Between Fear and Hope
Author: Zenubia Arsalan
Imprint: Little Mutaqeen
Recommended age: 4+
Genre: Children’s Islamic Non-fiction, Growing up books

Between Fear and Hope: A Young Muslim’s Journey started off as a part of the first book but then as the idea grew, I felt it warranted a book of its own. It is written from the point of view of the father offering his unconditional love and support to the child no matter which profession he chooses in life. Culturally, there were only a few professions that parents approved of and the children were forced into professions they didn’t quite own. With this book, my hope is that both parents and children look at the bigger picture and define their aspirations in terms of how they can create value in the lives of others. The words for the professions were chosen broadly – healer instead of doctor, builder instead of engineer. My Hope is that this book will help us reassess our priorities as parents and give the young ones courage to choose their own path. Between Fear and Hope is illustrated in comic book style with a little boy dressed up as a superhero.