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The Cosmos That Allah Has Designed by Zenubia Arsalan

Reviewed by Muslim Mommy Blog.

Rating: 8/10⠀

Me and my kids loved this book by @zenubiaarsalan !⠀

It was so wonderful and soothing to read. It is about the universe and space, with the main premise being that “this is the cosmos that Allah has designed”.⠀

It inspires kids to reflect on the beauty of space and Earth and includes many beautiful details about our universe. This is wonderful as a teaching resource and I would love to see it being used to teach kids about outer space, while reminding them that Allah created it all.⠀

I love the rhyme in the verses, as it is written as a poem-like book. I would have liked the words to be even more simplified, as I had to explain a little extra to my kids at times, as they didn’t understand what things meant.⠀

My kids favorite page was the black hole, and we discussed how mysterious it was, how there is so much we don’t know, and that Allah is all-knowing!⠀

The illustrations are really cute, though my kids really wanted to know who the little boy and girl were😅

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