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Why is it important to know what our children are reading? Exhibit A.

Ginger ale addiction turns serious

We were browsing through children’s books at Sharjah Book Fair this afternoon when Sugarplum spotted ‘Five Go Gluten Free’.
“Mama, this looks like a Famous Five book but I have never heard of this one before.”

I fished around in the pile where she picked up this book. Nestled among other innocuous children’s books I spotted another outrageous title ‘Five give up the booze’.

After seeing that I was pretty certain that these came from a collection of parody books meant for an adult audience.

A couple of years back Ladybird had come up with a few parody titles like ‘The Ladybird book of Midlife Crisis’. These went so well that other publishers also took out their own spoof titles. These books are most likely a part of Famous Five parody books.

This is why we should be aware of what our children are reading. Also why booksellers need to be book readers themselves or at least literate enough to understand what books they are procuring.

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