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Back in university we studied a paper on moral relativity that is still etched in my mind.
Moral relativism is all a rage these days. It’s the notion that there is no such thing as absolute truth and all moral values are merely personal opinions. It is the notion that no one opinion should be judged as better or worse than another.

Arthur Leff, a Yale law professor came up with the phrase, “The grand sez who” to demonstrate the absurdity of moral relativism.
Every single statement about morality or virtue can be rebutted with “Sez who?!” Who is to say killing babies is bad? Who is to say bribery and corruption are crimes? Nowadays, it’s politically incorrect to take a moral stand on an issue. We are made to believe that there are no right or wrong answers, so we should sit on the fence and not take any moral stance; or risk being accused of being intolerant. This mindset of moral relativism is the true source of polarization in our society.

Do you think we as a society realize this?
Have you ever felt intimidated for expressing your stance?


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