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Roof Toppers by Katherine Rundell is an interesting take on the survival genre. Instead of a jungle or a desert it is an urban setting. We experience Parisian charm in a completely different light.

Charles finds a little baby in a cello case floating down the river. He decides to take her home and raise her in his flamboyant unconventional  way. Sophie grows up surrounded by books and completely unconcerned by the dictates of the society on a young girl: how she should dress, talk, and live her life. Although, she looks up to Charles and is content in her world, she longs to find more about her mother. The only thing she knows about her parents are a few words inscribed on the plaque inside her prized cello-case. 

When a prudish social worker threatens to separate Sophie and Charles, they escape to Paris to find out about her real mother. There she makes friends with other abandoned children, who live on the rooftops, away from nosy adults.

Katherine Rundell as usual, immerses the readers in detailed world building; how the children live on their own and survive the harsh winters with pigeon meat and empty sacks. 

I felt that the story lost its pacing somewhere in the middle of this world building, the climax comes in too late in the story. 

Sugarplum aka Miss Rehmarkable enjoyed reading this book. But as an adult, I have many questions: Why in the world would a grown man take a baby home without trying to find her parents? 🤔That’s criminal Charles! I guess I’m showing age as I identified more with the ‘prudish’ social worker than with the free spirited world of rooftop parkour. 

Recommended for ages 8+ 

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