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The Cosmos that Allah has Designed by Zenubia Arsalan, Goodnight Galaxy, Papa Please Get the Moon for Me, My Deen Magazine

A well-curated collection of space themed books for children by @mamatotwoundertwo

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I subscribed to and recieved our first copy of the @mydeen_magazine in November. It’s beautifully laid out, simple, fun, and everything you want to do with your child on a lazy afternoon. The theme is one that we have already covered this year, which made the children really excited. They are loving going through it slowly. I am using three other books to read to them when they want to work on their magazine.

The much loved ‘The Cosmos That Allah Has Designed’ by @zenubiaarsalan,

‘Good Night Galaxy’ for how simple and factual it is without being boring,

‘Papa Please Get The Moon For Me’ by Eric Carle because the silliness of it all makes them laugh.

Muhammad coloured the stars red and blue instead of yellow like I was expecting him to. I actually interrupted when he chose blue but he told me that he was going to colour the hot stars first, which is why 🔵. I was surprised and very pleased that he remembered this. He chose his rocket to be pink because that is his favourite colour. Kept laughing while he was colouring it though and would giggle more if I’d ask him about it.

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